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IceStor is an innovative green product designed to lower energy costs and provide superior cooling to industry
and government. By generating ice “off-peak” hours we lower energy costs and energy demand.

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Why Icestor?

ICESTOR is a cooling battery that is charged during off-peak (night hours) and discharged during on-peak (daytime hours). This gives our customers the freedom to choose lower energy rates, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The ICESTOR product works great for high peak energy loads such as schools, universities, office buildings and even manufacturing applications.

The benefits of using our product will lower the energy costs by reducing on-peak demand. The payback for most systems would be 3-5 years or less depending upon the electric utility and rate structure that our ICESTOR application team can help you understand

Benefits of Icestor

Most buildings have a high peak energy load during the day. Electric utility charges are based on the daytime peak load, and normally higher costs are evident from the load profile chart on this page. ICESTOR can help to reduce peak load.

Shown above is a typical load profile for a commercial building. As can be seen, the building has a high peak load during the day. Electric utility charges are based on the daytime peak load, and normally higher costs are evident from this load profile above.

ICESTOR can help to reduce peak load and operating costs, by storing the cooling at night as shown below.

The system has a much better utilization of the power and a level load between day and night hours. This will reduce the overall electric electricity billed to the customer normally equating to a 3-5 year return on investment to the building owner.

In addition to saving operating costs you will also benefit the environment. Using power during the night reduces damaging emissions, reduces power line losses, and allows equipment to operate at a higher efficient point reducing energy consumption. If Air Cooled Condenser Chillers are utilized, an overall savings in kWh can result due to reduced ambient conditions while making ice at night.

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Icestor Solutions

ICESTOR™, by Phase Change Energy Solutions, manufactures and distributes the ICESTOR static ice building tank. The ICESTOR system meets the stringent requirements of an engineered product to store renewable energy sources in the form of ice cooling tanks. Resulting benefits include reducing peak electrical demand charges with optimal sizing of cooling system components.

The ICESTOR team will help you analyze your project and provide guidance in creating a performance specification. Importance is placed on the Sustainable concepts of the design to ensure LEED points are optimized and smart grid advantages are employed. In addition, our management team will help you with discovery of any and all utility incentives. Utilities welcome thermal ice storage to provide reductions in source energy during peak periods, along with efficient power plants enjoying lower emissions.

Each system is delivered and installed with support from the ICESTOR Service group to ensure each tank is showing delivered performance to provide full operational cost savings to the facility.

Our Independent Representatives will create competitive contracts to provide the correct number of tanks and associated accessories to complete a successful installation. A full parts warranty is included with each system and full service contracts can be supplied as an optional extra.



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ICESTOR - A New Beginning

Icestor by Phase Change Energy Solutions concentrates on the Icestor static ice building tank using a patented heat exchanger system. Over 1.5 million heat exchangers, proudly manufactured in the USA, are installed in ice storage applications worldwide.

The IceStor static ice tanks produce and store ice at night, when energy costs are lowest and discharge cooling during the high "on-peak" rate period. As an example, over 56 schools in Florida have significantly lowered energy costs with an IceStor system. Other customers showing operating cost savings include owners and operators of Commercial Office Buildings, Hospitals, Universities and Data Centers to mention a few.

Icestor provides solutions for industrial, commercial, educational, medical and retrofit applications.




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